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Vinny's Priorities


Prioritizing education and New Jersey's students.
  • Enabling access to Community College by providing compulsory acceptance to all NJ high school graduates
  • Increase academies and dual enrollment opportunities for all students, allowing them to achieve college degrees and technical certifications while completing their high school education
  • Incorporate social, emotional, and mental health into K-12 curriculum, allowing students to focus on their personal health while balancing school workloads and achievement demands to promote institutional change
  • Give a more holistic view to school security, bringing mental health into the conversation allowing expanded use of cap waivers, budgets, and grants

Environmental Policy

Securing our environment through smart reform.
  • Create a Department of Energy to focus on climate change, clean energy, and alternative fuel vehicles
  • Investigate the installation of solar, geothermal, and wind energy on all public facilities to reduce coal dependence
  • Allow deed-restricted properties to install alternative energy generation facilities on common space

Small Business Climate

Creating jobs and allowing business to thrive in New Jersey.

Critical Infrastructure

Focusing on resilient, strong resources for all.
  • Audit the Transportation Trust Fund
  • Prioritize the inspection, repair, and maintenance of New Jersey's waterways
  • Hold JCP&L and PSE&G accountable for previously funded electric infrastructure upgrades
  • Reinforce critical services for future natural and unnatural disasters

Open Space

Preserving the environment we love in LD-16.
  • Preserve the open space and natural beauty of central New Jersey
  • Increase access to open space through parks, nature trails, and other exhibits

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